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On this page you will find statistical information about the Tribunal’s work, including information about the number of applications received, finalised, and on hand.  Information for the current year is updated each month and is cumulative for the year to date.

Further statistical information is available in our annual reports. Information about Migration and Refugee Division processing times is also available.

Caseload reports 2023-2024

Caseload reports 2022-2023

Caseload reports 2021-2022

Caseload reports 2020-2021

Caseload reports 2019-2020

Requesting further statistical information

If the information you are seeking is not available from our website, you may submit a request to [email protected], including the following information:

  • contact details of the individual or organisation making the request
  • the type of information sought and the period covered (please refer to terms in our annual report)
  • why the data is being requested, how it will be used and the intended audience
  • any relevant deadlines

Requests will be considered in the context of our Privacy Policy and our legal obligations relating to how we handle information.   In some circumstances, such as where it would involve a significant diversion of resources or where legal obligations prevent us from sharing information, we may not provide the information requested, or may provide access to a limited set of statistical information. 

Access to Other Information

Our Access to Information page has more detail about information held by the tribunal, and how to access it, including through our FOI process. 

Media enquiries

If you are seeking statistics for a media story or article, please use our media enquiries process so we can prioritise your request and coordinate a response to meet your deadlines.