Commitment to accessibility

The AAT strives to make access easier for people with a disability by:

  • making electronic and printed material available in appropriate formats such as large print, and ensuring the website meets Australian Government accessibility guidelines and standards
  • providing portable hearing loop systems in AAT premises
  • facilitating telephone contact for those with a hearing or speech impairment
  • making all premises wheelchair accessible
  • providing facilities for participation in conferences or hearings by telephone or video link.

Access Guides

Our access guides can assist people with a disability to access our registries:

Website accessibility

The AAT website has been designed and tested to ensure that it is accessible to as many people as possible. It:

  • displays on all commonly used browsers
  • works with accessibility hardware and software, and
  • can be navigated using a keyboard or a screen reader.

Listen feature

We use the ReadSpeaker service on some pages of our website – look for the Listen button at the top of pages. ReadSpeaker allows website text to be read out loud to you. It will help you if you have trouble reading text online.

To find out more about how to use this service, visit our How to use the listen feature page.

Document formats

Some content on this site, such as speeches, forms and translated fact sheets, are provided as Portable Document Format (PDF) or Rich Text Format (RTF) documents. Links to these documents include the file type and size.

A PDF reader is required to view PDF content. A list of free PDF readers is available on Wikipedia.

NOTE: The Australian Government does not endorse or offer warranties as to the suitability or safety of any of the above-listed products. As with any software installation, care should always be taken to verify that the software being installed is appropriate for your needs and malware-free.

RTF documents can be opened and used by most word processing programs.

Contact us

The AAT aims to adhere to accepted accessibility guidelines and standards. If you experience any difficulties using the AAT website or if any information or service provided by the AAT is inaccessible to you, please contact us.