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Annual statement of compliance 

The Commonwealth Child Safe Framework(the Framework) sets minimum standards for Commonwealth entities to create and maintain behaviours and practices that are child safe.  

Under Requirement 4 of the Framework, Commonwealth entities are required to publish an annual statement of compliance with the Framework including an overview of the entity’s child safety risk assessment.  

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) is committed to promoting and maintaining a culture where the best interests of the child is a priority for all interactions involving children and a culture that protects children and young people from the risk of harm or abuse while continuing to meet our statutory objective. We consider this commitment in our approach to all aspects of our work and are committed to complying with the Framework. 

Members and staff rarely interact with children while carrying out their duties so the risk factor is rated as low 

Interactions with children and young people 

Examples where members or staff may interact with children or young people include when a child/young person: 

  • accompanies a parent or guardian to AAT premises in connection with an application for review  

  • attends AAT premises to observe a hearing 

  • undertakes work experience, internships, or employment at the AAT (or contact with the AAT about these types of opportunities) 

  • attends education or outreach activities run by the AAT 

  • participates in the AAT’s National Mooting Competition. 

Risk factors 

There are risks when children have direct contact with the AAT or its staff and members. These may include: 

  • trauma or re-traumatisation through observation of, or involvement in, an AAT case  

  • uncertainty as to the child’s involvement and rights in connection with a case. 

Our commitment 

The safety of children and young people is a priority and it will remain so as we prepare for our transition to the new Administrative Review Tribunal (ART). 

In the last 12 months, the AAT has developed a Child Safety Policy and reviewed existing policies to include child safety. 

We will continue to demonstrate our commitment to the protection of children and young people through the implementation of the Framework by: 

  • making the Child Safe Organisations’ online training modules mandatory for all staff to ensure awareness and understanding of the Framework 

  • ensuring that children are always accompanied by a parent or guardian 

  • ensuring that communication intended for children and young people is accessible and understandable to them  

  • limiting the presence of children in circumstances where they are likely to experience emotional or physical distress 

  • ensuring that contact with children is culturally appropriate and only using interpreters who are trained in working with children 

  • ensuring members and staff are always aware of the physical and emotional safety of participating children and that members and staff will not have unsupervised contact with children. 

Our Registrar, Michael Hawkins AM, has endorsed the annual statement of compliance, demonstrating the AAT’s commitment to the protection of children and young people 

In accordance with Requirement 4 of the Commonwealth Child Safe Framework, the AAT has undertaken an annual risk assessment which can be found on our website.