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Cover 2015-16 Annual Report

The purpose of this Annual Report is to inform the Attorney-General, the Parliament, Tribunal users and the general public about the performance of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal during the period 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016. The 2015-16 Annual Report can be downloaded as one file or in parts.

A summary of high-level statistics and commentary from the report is contained in 2015-16 At a Glance.

Complete report

(Pages i-vii, 1-163.)


Introductory pages

Letter of transmittal and table of contents.
(Pages i-vii.)

Chapter 1 - The year in review

The President's overview and Registrar's review during the reporting year.
(Pages 1-8.)

Chapter 2 - Overview of the AAT

Basic information about the AAT’s establishment, functions and powers. It includes information about the AAT’s members and staff, its organisational structure, processes and additional functions conferred on AAT members.
(Pages 9-18.)

Chapter 3 - Our performance

Information and commentary on the AAT’s caseload and performance during the reporting year.
(Pages 19-42.)

Chapter 4 - Management and Accountability

This chapter reports on the governance of the AAT, management of human resources and purchasing practices.
(Pages 44-54.)

Chapter 5 - Immigration Assessment Authority

An overview of the IAA, including its role and function, steps in a review and performance.
(Pages 55-58.)

Financial statements

The audited financial statements of the AAT and accompanying notes.
(Pages 59-104.)

Appendix 1: Members of AAT

A list of AAT members as at 30 June 2016 and member profiles.
(Pages 105-123.)

Appendix 2: Additional staffing statistics

Additional information on staff of the AAT.
(Pages 124.)

Appendix 3: Resourcing tables

The AAT's resource statements for 2015-16.
(Pages 125-126.)

Appendix 4: Additional caseload Statistics

Statistical information on different aspects of the AAT's workload during 2015-16.
(Pages 127-137.)

Appendix 5: Other mandatory information

Information on a range of other matters.
(Pages 138-139.)

Appendix 6: Speeches, publications and other external activities

Speeches and articles by AAT members and staff during 2015-16.
(Pages 140-145)

Appendix 7: List of requirements

(Pages 146-151.)

End matter

Glossary and Index.
(Pages 152-163.)