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The best way to apply for a review is online. This will make sure we have all the information needed to start the review.  

If you do not lodge the application online, you must use the Refugee application form (R1).

Strict time limits apply.

The person applying must be:

  • the visa applicant if a protection visa has been refused
  • the former visa holder if a protection visa has been cancelled, or
  • the person who is the subject of a decision made under section 197D of the Migration Act 1958 that a protection finding would no longer be made.

Check our contact details to lodge the application at one of our registries or send your application by post, email or fax.

We have a video guide which explains more about how to apply for a review.

Online lodgement system

If you apply online as a registered user:

  • you can give us documents or information at any time during the review
  • receive an automatic confirmation of all documents lodged
  • view and copy documents previously submitted.