Can I represent myself?

Yes. You can deal directly with us or ask someone to help you. We can explain the review process and arrange for additional assistance, such as an interpreter. 

You can also arrange for someone to receive correspondence on your behalf. This is called an authorised recipient.

Can I ask someone to represent me?

Yes, you can arrange for someone represent you.

You can appoint a representative or authorised recipient by completing the application for review form or submitting the appointment of representative and/or authorised recipient form.

In most cases a person who gives you ‘immigration assistance’ must be a registered migration agent. Immigration assistance is when a person uses their knowledge or experience to provide advice or represent you during the review. Exceptions to this include a close family member, a visa nominator or sponsor, a parliamentarian or a public servant in the course of their duties.

We cannot pay for any costs of a lawyer or a migration agent.

A representative can:

  • communicate with us on your behalf
  • give us written submissions and written evidence on your behalf
  • request access to documents relating to the review
  • attend the hearing.

Find more information about immigration assistance.

Registered migration agents

A person acting as a migration agent in Australia must be registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA). Registered migration agents are listed on a register maintained by the OMARA.

We cannot recommend a migration agent. You should confirm that your representative is a registered migration agent or is legally able to provide assistance.

Changes to my representative

You must tell us immediately if there are any changes to your representative’s details.

Use the change of contact details form to:

  • cancel your representative’s authority to act on your behalf
  • stop a person receiving correspondence on your behalf
  • change the contact details of your representative or the person receiving correspondence on your behalf.

Use the appointment of representative and/or authorised recipient form if you change your representative or the person authorised to receive correspondence.

We will continue to give review related documents to a representative or authorised recipient until you tell us not to.

Can I have an interpreter?

Yes. If you need an interpreter, please let us know. We will arrange for a qualified interpreter to assist, free of charge.

For immediate assistance in your language [PDF, 998KB], you can call 131 450.

Accessibility assistance

If you require assistance because of a disability please contact us as soon as possible. We will try and make arrangements to help.

Where can I find more help?

These support services might be able to provide additional help for you and your family: