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What we can review

We can review decisions made under the Migration Act 1958 to refuse or cancel protection visas.

We can also review decisions made under section 197D of the Migration Act that a protection finding would no longer be made about a person.

These reviews are done in the Migration & Refugee Division of the AAT under Part 7 of the Migration Act.

The Migration Act specifies what decisions we can review.

The decision letter from the Department of Home Affairs will tell you if we can review the decision and if you are a person who can apply for a review.

See other parts of our website for information about the review of:

  • character-related decisions about protection visas made under or relying on sections 5H(2), 36(1C), 36(2C), 501 or 501CA of the Migration Act,
  • decisions to cancel business visas made under section 134 of the Migration Act, or
  • other visa and visa-related decisions.

What we cannot do

  • review a decision to cancel a visa made personally by the Minister for Home Affairs or Minister for Immigration
  • review a decision to refuse a protection visa that can be reviewed by the Immigration Assessment Authority.