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What information can I give to support my case?

You can give us new information that you think supports your case. You should give  it to us as soon as you can.

These fact sheets outline the types of information you could give us in a review of some common types of decisions.

We might also ask you to give us information if we think we need it to make a decision. You should give us any information we ask for by the date we tell you.

Disability Support Pension interview tool for community workers

The Disability Support Pension (DSP) Interview Tool is an interactive set of questions designed to help community workers assist people to provide relevant information for their application to the AAT about a DSP decision.

How can I give my information?

You can send us information about your case online

You can also give us information by:

  • email - please read the email guidelines
  • post or fax
  • in person at an AAT registry
  • bringing it to the hearing.

Check our contact details to find out where and how to give your information to us.

Helpful hints about giving us information

  • send information electronically if possible. This means you do not need to send a copy by post, unless we ask you to give us certified copies of documents such as a birth certificate
  • if you come into one of our office to give us information, please give us a hard copy to keep
  • if documents are not in English, you should also give us a translation by an accredited translator.

How will we use the information you give us?

  • the Member might use it to make a decision
  • it will usually be given to Centrelink, and anyone else that is a party to the review such as the other parent or carer of a child in a review of a family assistance care percentage decision.

You will receive a copy of relevant information given to us by Centrelink or any other party to the review.

Find out more about privacy at the AAT and access to information in AAT cases.