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What we can review

A first review is the first time we review a Centrelink decision. We can only review a decision if it has been reviewed by a Centrelink Authorised Review Officer (ARO) or Subject Matter Expert (SME).

We can review most Centrelink decisions about:

  • social security pensions, benefits and allowances
  • concession and health care cards
  • family assistance payments
  • farm household support
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • student assistance payments, including ABSTUDY. 

The decisions we can review include:

  • rejection of a claim
  • suspension or cancellation of a payment
  • the rate of a payment
  • raising and recovering a debt.

The Centrelink decision letter will tell you if we can review the decision.

What we cannot do

  • review a decision that has not been reviewed by a Centrelink ARO or SME.
  • investigate a complaint about Centrelink 
  • consider a claim for compensation for detriment experienced as a result of defective actions or inaction (CDDA scheme)
  • change the law.