COVID-19 special measures 

Practice directions

The President has issued five special measures practice directions that set out how the AAT will operate while COVID-19 impacts our services. These are in effect from 29 April 2020 for the following divisions:


Our Melbourne and Sydney registries are closed to visitors until further notice.

The AAT is an essential government service. We provide independent merits review of a wide range of administrative decisions made by the Australian Government.

We are implementing strict physical distancing and other protective measures at other registries, but we remain available to deliver services.

You can do most of what you need to do with the AAT from your home or office:

Visit for essential COVID-19 information, including government measures and links to State and Territory health advice.

Common questions about temporary changes to our services

Can I go to my local registry to speak with someone about my case?

Our Melbourne and Sydney  registries are closed to visitors until further notice. We ask that you reconsider the need to visit us in person and instead contact us another way.

If it is necessary to visit us in person, you should call ahead on 1800 228 333 to plan your visit.

Should I visit the AAT to submit documents for an existing case?

Our Melbourne and Sydney registries are closed to visitors until further notice. You can submit a document online for any case that has already been lodged with the AAT.

If you are unable to submit your documents online, by email or by post to us, you may visit one of our registries during business hours.

You should call ahead on 1800 228 333 to plan your visit.

How will my hearing or conference go ahead if I can't visit in person?

Most of our hearings and conferences are still being conducted remotely by video conference or telephone. In limited circumstances, we are contacting people to arrange in person hearings.

If you are required to attend a hearing or conference in person, and are unable to do so, call us on 1800 228 333.

How do I lodge my application?

We prefer online lodgement for new applications. This helps to make sure you meet any time requirements, especially as there may be postal delays during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The way you are able to lodge will differ depending on the type of government decision you want us to review. Find out how your case should be lodged on our Apply for a review page.

Are video and phone hearings open to the public?

Many AAT hearings are open to the public, even if they are held by video conference or phone.

If you want to observe a hearing but are not one of the parties, you will need to let us know. Read about changes to the way members of the public attend AAT hearings, including how to request to attend a video or phone hearing.

How do I find out when your offices are open again?

Our Melbourne and Sydney registries are closed to visitors until further notice. Our other registries are open for limited in-person hearings during business hours.

Please continue to monitor this website for further news and updates.