Who do I email if I have an application currently with the AAT?

Any email to the AAT must be sent to the email address shown above for the registry that is dealing with the application.

Emails must never be sent directly to AAT Members.

Who else should I email?

If your email concerns an application before the General Division, Taxation and Commercial Division or the Veterans’ Appeals Division, please send a courtesy copy of your email to the other party.

If you don't have an email address for the other party or the other party doesn't want to receive emails, you should send them a copy of what you have sent the AAT by fax or by post.

Is there any information I should include in the subject line of my email?

If you are emailing the AAT about an application that has already been lodged, you should always include the AAT file number as the first item in the subject line.


Subject: 2005/1000 — Applicant Name and Department Name — Additional documents

Do we accept all types of documents by email?

You can email many types of documents relating to an application (e.g. applications, forms and statements). However, we do not accept the following types of documents by email:

Type of document How to send these to us
Section 37 documents (T-documents) send these to the AAT in hard copy
documents produced in response to a summons send these to the AAT in hard copy or on a CD/DVD

What file types do you accept by email?

We accept the following file types: We do not accept:
  • .doc or .docx
  • .gif
  • .jpg
  • .pdf
  • .rtf
  • .xls or .xlsx
  • any other file type
  • emails with zipped attachments

If you are sending us a PDF file, we prefer if it is a searchable PDF document.

Are there any limits on the size of emails or documents?

Yes. We do not accept emails:

Size How to send these to us
larger than 10MB send the documents to the AAT in hard copy
longer than 100 pages or attaching documents with a total of more than 100 pages send the documents to the AAT in hard copy

Please note that the AAT will not accept a series of emails that together exceed 10MB or 100 pages.

If I have sent you a document by email, do I need to send a hard copy too?

No. You only need to send a hard copy of a document to the AAT if we ask you to.

Please note that the AAT reserves the right to require that any document be lodged in hard copy, particularly if it does not conform to the file type or size requirements listed or if it is presented in a way that is unclear or confusing.

Will I receive an acknowledgement that my email has been received?

If your email was sent to generalreviews@aat.gov.au you will receive an automatic acknowledgement that the AAT has received your email.

If your email is urgent, you should also phone the AAT to let us know you have sent the message. This will ensure the message is actioned as soon as possible.

When will the AAT not respond to your email?

If you send an email including inappropriate or offensive material:

  • your email may be blocked or rejected;
  • the AAT may choose not to communicate with you by email in the future; and
  • the AAT may report the matter to the appropriate authorities.