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This appendix contains a table summarising the total resources of the AAT, and the total payments made by the AAT, during 2015-16 and a table showing the total expenses for the AAT’s outcome. We have one outcome in the Portfolio Budget Statements and are a single programme agency.

Resource Statement

Table A3.1 AAT resource statement 2015-16

verage Staffing Level (number)

appropriation for 2015-16
made 2015-16
remaining 2015-16
  (a) (b) (a) - (b)
Ordinary annual services 1      
Departmental appropriation 2 223,008 156,182 66,826
Total available annual appropriations 3 and payments 223,008 156,182 66,826
Special appropriations      
Special appropriations limited by criteria/entitlement      
Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 - s77   5,343  
Total special appropriations   5,343  
Total net resourcing and payments for Administrative Appeals Tribunal 223,008 161,525  

1 Appropriation Act (No. 1) 2015-16 and Appropriation Act (No. 3) 2015-16. Includes $17.469m from prior periods, $44.284m in section 75 transfers and $19.681m in section 74 retained revenue receipts.

2 Includes an amount of $4.633m in 2015-16 for the Departmental Capital Budget. For accounting purposes this amount has been designated as ‘contributions by owners’.

3 Includes appropriation of $44.284m for the Migration Review Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal which merged with the AAT pursuant to the Tribunals Amalgamation Act 2015 (Cth) on 1 July 2015. Cash and receivable of the Social Security Appeals Tribunal, the other amalgamating tribunal, will be recognised on completion of a section 75 determination in 2016-17.

Expenses by Outcome

Table A3.2 Expenses for Outcome

Outcome 1: Access to a fair, just, economical, informal and quick review mechanism for applicants through reviews of government administrative decisions, including dispute resolution processes and independent formal hearings. Budget* 2015-16
expenses 2015-16
Variation 2015-16
  (a) (b) (a) - (b)
Programme 1.1: Administrative Appeals Tribunal      
Administered expenses      
Special appropriations 6,400 5,256 1,144
Departmental expenses1      
Departmental appropriation2 138,106 124,932 13,174
Expenses not requiring appropriation in the Budget year 7,050 8,963 (1,913)
Total expenses for Programme 1 151,556 139,151 12,405
Total expenses for Outcome 1 151,556 139,151 12,405
  2014-15 2015-16  
Average Staffing Level (number) 157 530  

*Full year budget, including any subsequent adjustment made to the 2015-16 Budget at Additional Estimates.

1 Departmental expenses for 2015-16 reflect the operations of the amalgamated AAT.

2 Departmental appropriation combines ordinary annual services (Appropriation Act Nos. 1 and 3) and retained revenue receipts under section 74 of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013.