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COVID-19 resources

Special measures practice directions

The President has issued five special measures practice directions that set out how the AAT will operate while COVID-19 impacts our services. These are in effect for the following divisions:


Practice Directions and President’s Directions

The President may give directions under section 18B of the Administrative Appeals Act 1975 in relation to the operations of the AAT, the procedure of the AAT, the conduct of reviews by the AAT, the arrangement of business of the AAT and places at which the AAT may sit.

The following directions are currently in force.

All divisions

All divisions (other than the Migration & Refugee Division)

Migration & Refugee Division

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Division

Social Services & Child Support Division

Taxation & Commercial Division


Guides provide more detailed information about particular areas of the AAT’s jurisdiction.


Guidelines provide information and guidance in relation to particular aspects of AAT practice and procedures.

All divisions (other than the Migration & Refugee Division)

Migration & Refugee Division

Guide to refugee law in Australia

The Guide to Refugee Law in Australia contains an analysis of the legal issues relevant to the assessment of protection visas, focusing particularly on the determination of refugee status and complementary protection in Australia. It was first developed in 1996 and is maintained by the Legal Services Section of the Migration and Refugee Division and is a reference tool for members and staff. The guide is regularly updated to reflect developments in the law.