This page has information about cases listed before the AAT in all divisions except for:

  • the Security Division
  • the Social Services & Child Support Division.

Details may change after the lists are published.

This page also has information about which hearings at the AAT are usually open to the public. If you want to attend a hearing, read about members of the public attending AAT hearings.

You can use eCase Search to look up publicly available information about past and future listings for cases in some divisions.

Migration & Refugee Division

The list includes all cases listed for a hearing in the Migration & Refugee Division.

We are required by law to hear cases about protection (refugee) visas in private and the names of applicants cannot be disclosed. In other types of cases, hearings are open to the public unless the presiding member decides that all or part of the hearing is to be in private.

Other divisions

The lists include all cases listed for a conference, conciliation or other type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process, a directions hearing or a hearing in the following divisions:

  • General Division
  • Freedom of Information Division
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme Division
  • Small Business Taxation Division
  • Taxation & Commercial Division
  • Veterans’ Appeals Division.

Conferences and other ADR processes are held in private.

Directions hearings might be in private or in public.

Hearings are open to the public unless a law requires that they be in private or the presiding member decides that all or part of the hearing is to be in private. 

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Western Australia