What we can review

We can review many other decisions made under Commonwealth laws, including decisions about:

  • access to records under the Archives Act 1983
  • bankruptcy
  • business visa cancellation under section 134 the Migration Act 1958
  • civil aviation
  • customs
  • passports
  • privacy

In limited circumstances, we can review decisions made by state government and non-government bodies. We also review decisions made under Norfolk Island laws.

The decision letter will tell you if we can review the decision or you can check the List of reviewable decisions.

What we cannot review

  • every decision made by the Australian Government or under a Norfolk Island law
  • decisions made under state or territory laws, or decisions made by local governments.

We are not always the first step in having a decision reviewed. In some cases, we cannot review a decision until there has been an internal review of the primary decision or the decision has been reviewed by someone else.