The AAT’s results in the APS Employee Census 2019 have confirmed a significant increase in our response rate (this year was our highest yet) and in average positive responses to the APS Employee Census.

This continues a trend seen each year since the AAT was amalgamated with the Migration Review Tribunal – Refugee Review Tribunal and the Social Security Appeals Tribunal as part of a Machinery of Government change in 2015. This amalgamation significantly changed both the size and composition of the AAT’s workforce, and presented our people with the challenge of creating a new culture to move forward together as one tribunal.

The AAT is particularly pleased with our results in the Engagement, Wellbeing and Innovation Indices, which together indicate that our employees are engaged, that our workplace is healthy and sustainable, and that our culture enables innovation.

Other highlights for the AAT include that 91% of our staff reported that our supervisors treat people with respect, and our people behave in an accepting manner towards people from diverse backgrounds.

The Census results have also helped to identify areas in which the AAT has opportunities to improve, including recruitment and retention, managing change, and managing risk.

In response to these areas for improvement, over the next year the AAT will be working on an Employee Value Proposition, to ensure there are compelling reasons articulated as to why staff would choose to join and stay with our organisation. We will also introduce a succession planning process to support improved recruitment and retention. A Transformation Office is currently being established to support improved change management throughout the AAT.

Additionally, the Registrar and other senior Executives have recently had the opportunity to speak to all staff at a series of Tribunal Forums to address how risk management works in our environment, and they have committed to reducing unwarranted risk aversion and being more supportive of efforts to innovate.

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