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The AAT’s results in the APS Employee Census 2022 (PDF [1.2MB], Excel [42KB]) reflect a small decline in our response rate and in average positive responses compared with our 2021 results.

In 2022, the AAT received pleasing results in the engagement, wellbeing and innovation measures. These results are largely consistent with previous years and indicate that AAT staff are engaged, and that our workplace is healthy and sustainable, and supports their motivation to innovate.

Other highlights include our staff reporting that they believe strongly in the objectives and purpose of both the AAT and the APS, and understand how their roles contribute to achieving outcomes for the Australian public. Significant improvements were also seen in how our staff perceive the organisation’s leadership.

For more information about the APS Employee Census, and to view the results of other agencies, visit the Australian Public Service Commission website.

The AAT’s Census results from previous years are available below:

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