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The AAT’s results in the APS Employee Census 2021 (PDF [1.2MB], Excel [36KB])reflect a small decrease in our response rate and in average positive responses to the APS Employee Census compared with our 2020 results.

This was not surprising given the 2021 APS Employee Census ran only six months after the 2020 survey, amidst the ongoing turbulence created by the coronavirus pandemic.

In 2021, the AAT is pleased with our results in the Engagement, Wellbeing and Innovation Indices, which are largely consistent with previous years’ results and together indicate that our employees are engaged, and that our workplace is healthy and sustainable and supports our employees’ motivation to innovate.

Other highlights for the AAT include that 90% of our staff reported that the people in their workgroups cooperate to achieve their goals, and that staff satisfaction with their immediate supervisor increased overall.

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