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The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 (the PID Act) creates a public interest disclosure scheme that promotes integrity and accountability in the Commonwealth public sector by:

  • encouraging and facilitating the disclosure of information by current and former public officials about suspected wrongdoing in the public sector
  • ensuring that public officials who make public interest disclosures are supported and protected from adverse consequences relating to the disclosures
  • ensuring that disclosures by public officials are properly investigated and dealt with.

The Commonwealth Ombudsman is responsible for promoting awareness and understanding of the PID Act and monitoring its operation. The Ombudsman’s website includes information about:

  • who can make a public interest disclosure
  • what information can be disclosed
  • how a public interest disclosure can be made
  • what happens once a public interest disclosure has been made.

Making a public interest disclosure

The AAT encourages and supports current and former public officials to report wrongdoing in accordance with the PID Act.

Public interest disclosures concerning the AAT may be made by email at [email protected] to any of the AAT's Authorised Officers:

  • the Registrar
  • the Chief Legal Officer
  • the IAA Senior Reviewer.

In addition to receiving public interest disclosures, Authorised Officers can also provide information about how to make a public interest disclosure and the protections that are available to disclosers under the PID Act.