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The AAT has recently introduced a new policy to increase the number and range of written decisions we publish. The Tribunal makes a large number of written decisions each year and we publish a selection of those decisions to promote the transparency of our processes and decision making.

The AAT generally publishes all written decisions that are made except in the Migration & Refugee Division (MRD) and the Social Services & Child Support Division (SSCSD), our higher volume areas. In the MRD, we generally publish all written decisions made in some categories of cases (e.g. visa cancellation cases) and a proportion of decisions in other categories of cases. In the SSCSD, we publish a proportion of written decisions made in child support cases.

A random selection process is applied to determine which decisions will be published in the categories of cases where not all decisions are published and targets have been set for the proportion of decisions to be published: they are generally at least 25 per cent from 1 March 2018. These targets are listed in Attachment A in our Publication of Decisions Policy.

For the 2017–18 year, the AAT has committed to publishing at least 4,000 decisions.

The AAT is prohibited or restricted from disclosing information in certain circumstances by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975, the Migration Act 1958 and other legislation. Parties can apply for information to be kept confidential and Tribunal members have the power to make a non-publication direction. For an overview of the confidentiality requirements that apply to AAT decisions, visit What confidentiality requirements apply to AAT decisions?