Information Publication Scheme logoThe Freedom of Information Act 1982 establishes an Information Publication Scheme for Australian Government agencies. The IPS requires agencies to publish a broad range of information on their websites.

Each agency must publish an agency plan and certain other required information. Agencies may also publish other information under the scheme.

Information Publication Scheme agency plan 

The IPS requires each agency to prepare and publish a plan showing what information the agency proposes to publish for the purposes of the IPS, how and to whom the agency proposes to publish that information and how the agency otherwise proposes to comply with the IPS.

Information the AAT must publish

The IPS also requires each agency to publish certain other kinds of information. Below are links to the information the AAT must publish:

  • Structure of the AAT
    • organisational chart
    • organisational chart 
  • Functions and powers – details of the functions and powers of the AAT
  • Statutory appointments – details of appointments in the AAT made under statutes, including the name of the person appointed, the term of appointment, the position to which the person is appointed, and the enactment under which the person is appointed
  • Annual reports – full text of the current and recent previous annual reports tabled in Parliament
  • Consultation arrangements – information about how and to whom members of the public may comment on specific policy proposals for which the AAT is responsible
  • Information routinely accessed under FOI and FOI disclosure log – details of information disclosed under FOI requests
  • Information routinely provided to Parliament
  • Freedom of Information Contact Officer details
  • Operational information – information the AAT uses to assist it in performing or exercising its functions or powers in making decisions or recommendations affecting members of the public. The AAT has published the following information in accordance with this requirement:

Optional information

Agencies can also publish other information under the IPS. The AAT also publishes the information below on its website: