The AAT uses a range of methods to engage with, and seek feedback from, our users about the services we provide. We also undertake various activities to promote a greater understanding of the AAT’s role and procedures.

Stakeholder engagement

We hold liaison meetings from time to time with people and organisations who deal regularly with the AAT and other stakeholders with an interest in our work. Participants may include government agencies and other decision-makers, legal practitioners, migration agents, advocacy groups and other representative bodies. Liaison meetings provide a forum for information exchange, discussion about developments at the AAT and an opportunity for us to seek feedback about our operations.

We undertake consultation on proposals for significant changes to our practices and procedures for which we are responsible, including seeking comments from our users and other stakeholders. Information about current consultation processes can be found here.

Community outreach

The AAT pursues a range of opportunities to engage with the community to promote awareness of review rights and how our review processes operate.  From time to time, we hold information sessions at our offices for members of the public to learn about what we do. We also provide speakers to talk about the AAT at community information sessions arranged by other government agencies and community organisations.

AAT User Feedback Survey

The AAT conducted a User Feedback Survey in May 2018 with an objective to understand how well we are meeting our statutory objectives, as well as identifying areas for potential improvement in our services.

Parties and representatives who had an application finalised between 1 November 2017 and 28 February 2018 were contacted by email or SMS and asked how they felt about the AAT’s accessibility, written communications and the overall review process.

Utilising our 2016 survey as a benchmark, our overall results were in line with the previous survey, with both parties and representatives rating the AAT favourably across all performance measures. Representatives tended to provide stronger positive ratings. Party results showed much more variation, highlighting the strong influence that review outcomes played in shaping parties’ overall perceptions of the AAT.

More information will be available in our 2017–18 Annual Report, which will be published in mid-October 2018.

We are examining the results of the survey to identify ways in which we can improve our services.

The AAT would like to thank everyone who participated in the survey. Your feedback is highly valued.

Speeches and papers

AAT members and staff give presentations about the AAT at conferences, seminars and other forums . A number of past speeches and papers given by Presidents of the AAT are available to download.


We run two annual competitions for students as a means of promoting understanding of administrative law and the AAT:

Social media

We use social media to share the latest news, updates on our services, changes to legislation and information on upcoming events.

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