Copies of AAT decisions that have been published are available at the AustLII website.

Are all AAT decisions publicly available?


Only selected decisions of the AAT’s Migration & Refugee Division and Social Services and Child Support Division are published.

Decisions in the AAT’s other Divisions are usually published unless the AAT has ordered otherwise.

Are all AAT decisions published in full?


The AAT does not publish information, the disclosure of which is prohibited or restricted by an order of the AAT or by legislation.  Decisions are edited to comply with these requirements.

Former tribunals’ decisions

On 1 July 2015, the Migration Review Tribunal, Refugee Review Tribunal and Social Security Appeals Tribunal were merged with the AAT.

Published decisions of these tribunals are available at AustLII:

National Disability Insurance Scheme decisions

Access to the full text of decisions relating to the National Disability Insurance Scheme are available through the AustLII website

Decisions of interest summaries