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What happens after I lodge my application?

We send you a confirmation letter to explain what will happen next and notify the parties to the review that we have received the application. As well as you, the the parties are:

  • the Director-General of Security
  • any other person who is a party to the review.

What if we cannot review the decision?

We will write to the applicant and give you an opportunity to tell us why you think we can review the decision. If you do not respond or cannot show us that we can review the decision, we might dismiss the application. Sometimes a hearing is held to decide if we can review the decision.

Does the decision continue to operate during the review?

The decision will usually continue to operate during the review. In some cases, we can make and order which 'stays' (suspends) the operation or implementation of the decision until the review is finalised.

You can use the Request for stay order form to ask for a stay order.

Documents relevant to the review

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) must send relevant review documents to the AAT. ASIO will also send some of the documents to you.

You can also give us new information that you think supports your case.


We can give directions to prohibit or restrict the publication or disclosure of a range of information, including:  

  • information tending to reveal the identity of a party, witness or anyone associated with a party or witness
  • evidence or documents given to us
  • the whole or part of the AAT findings in relation to the security assessment.

Directions Hearing

We might decide to hold a directions hearing by telephone or in person at the AAT's offices to talk about any issue in the review. This may happen if you, the Director-General of Security or another party ask for it, or if we decide it is necessary.


We will usually hold a hearing. The hearing is an opportunity for you to present information and talk about why you agree or disagree with the decision under review.