Replacement of this system

The old Migration and Refugee Division accounts system has been upgraded.

You will need to migrate your old account by creating an account in our new Online Services Portal. There are a range of benefits to the new system including:

  • ability to archive cases from your dashboard
  • ability to add cases to your dashboard
  • greater security.

How do I migrate my old account?

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to AAT Online Services on your device
  2. Login with your old Migration and Refugee account details
  3. An error message will advise that your password is incorrect and will need to be reset
  4. Complete the reset steps
  5. Your AAT Online Services account is now set up.

These steps are set out in the video below.

How do I migrate my Migration & Refugee Division account across to the new Online Services Portal?

I don’t have any accounts with the AAT, should I create a new Online Services account?

We would encourage you to do so, as you will have access to a dashboard to keep track of your applications and your interactions with us. If you prefer not to create an account, you can still access all our online services without creating an account.

I need more information or assistance

Please contact us.