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This fact sheet answers questions about a first AAT review of a Family Tax Benefit (FTB) care decision in the Social Services and Child Support Division

Answers to questions about your FTB care review

What does the AAT need to decide?

The AAT must decide your percentage of care for a child under the rules of the Family Assistance Law.

Under these rules the AAT needs to decide the pattern of care for a child in a relevant care period.

What information can I provide to support my review?

At the hearing, the AAT Member will ask you about your application and consider all of the information that you present. Generally, this will mean the documents you have provided about your case.

The most useful information to provide to the AAT is about the pattern of care for a child in the disputed care period. The most helpful evidence to provide is:

  • records of when the child was in your care, for example diary entries, calendar endorsements and notes
  • third party statements regarding the care of a child at any given time, in particular a statement from a school or doctor
  • court orders or formal agreements regarding the care of the child
  • clear identification of what you are disputing.

Will my documents be given to the other party?                         

Any party whose interests are affected by the decision under review will have an opportunity to provide evidence and participate at the hearing. All parties to the review will be given a copy of any relevant documents that are provided to us by another party.


You can contact us if you need more information or have any questions.

When this Fact Sheet refers to “You” it means the applicant and any other party, and includes his or her nominee, representative or support person. When it refers to “We” or “Us” it means the AAT.