This Disability Support Pension (DSP) Interview Tool is an interactive set of questions designed to help community workers assist people to provide relevant information for their application to the AAT about a DSP decision. The questions in the tool are based on the rules under the Social Security Law.

You will be given a code which will allow you to save where you are up to in the tool and complete it later. Please write this down or copy it into a document or email that you can save.

At the end of this guide you will also have an opportunity to print a summary page. The answers provided when using this tool are not automatically added to the person’s AAT file and the tool does not collect data which can be used to identify the person or their application.

If the person you are assisting wants the AAT to consider any information gathered as a result of using this tool, they will need to lodge this with the AAT by email, fax, post or in-person at their local registry. If they choose to lodge such information, they should also include their name and AAT reference number so that this can be added to their file.

Lodging the information suggested in this tool with the AAT does not mean that the person will necessarily be eligible for DSP. However, it will give the AAT more detailed and relevant information with which the AAT can make an independent decision about the person’s eligibility for DSP.

This tool provides general information only based on the answers provided. It is not provided as legal advice. If you (or the person you are assisting) have a legal issue or query, you should refer to the relevant legislation or seek independent legal advice.

If you need to use this tool with a screen reader please click here.

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