This page will help you to find resources relevant to most reviews at the AAT.

You can also access resources specific to the following divisions:

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Legislation and jurisdiction

This page provides links to the main laws that govern the operations of the AAT. There is also information about our jurisdiction and the types of decision we can review.

Practice directions, guides, guidelines and policies

These are documents prepared by the AAT which contain more specific information about our procedures.


This page provides links to forms that you might need for an application to the AAT.

Information videos

A range of information videos are available to assist users to better understand the role and processes of the Tribunal.  

Alerts and updates

You can keep up to date with the AAT by subscribing to our email notification services.


This page provides statistical information on the Tribunal’s performance, both overall and by division. Information for the current year is updated each month and is cumulative for the year to date.


You can stay informed with the recent news from the AAT