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Emanuel Exports P/L; EMS Rural Exports P/L and Secretary, Dept of Agriculture Water & Environment

Following the cancellation of a livestock exporter’s licence, the Tribunal considered whether the applicant had made sufficient changes to their systems to demonstrate sufficient rehabilitation. The Tribunal set aside the original reviewable decisions and substituted new decisions, ending the licence suspension.


Crisp and Secretary, Department of Education and Training (General) [2019] AATA 5295

The applicant enrolled in an Advanced Diploma of Aviation, receiving a FEE-HELP loan to pay his fees. He claimed he was unable to complete his Diploma due to special circumstances and applied to have his FEE-HELP debt re-credited.

The Department refused to re-credit the applicant’s FEE-HELP debt after internal review. The applicant applied to the AAT for review of this decision citing ‘special circumstances’ which made it impracticable for him to complete the course.


Stirling Skills Training (Inc) and Australian Skills Quality Authority (General) [2019] AATA 1721

Following an audit which found the applicant to be non-compliant with certain requirements of the legislation, the Chief Commissioner of the Australian Skills Quality Authority [2019] AATA 1721 cancelled the applicant’s registration. The AAT acknowledged the respondent’s claims of the applicant’s history of non-compliance but found there was evidence the applicant was taking genuine steps to address the non-compliances. The AAT was satisfied that, taking into account the interests of all of the persons who may be affected, it was appropriate for the existing stay order to remain in place until the Tribunal makes a further order.

Morrow and Registrar of Marriage Celebrants (General) [2019] AATA 1253

Marriage celebrants are required to pay an annual registration fee. The applicant is a marriage celebrant and his registration was cancelled by the Registrar after a failure to pay the fee. This decision looks at the scope of discretion to give notice of deregistration on non-payment of the fee.

McLeod and Queensland Building and Construction Commission (General) [2019] AATA 143

This review was about an application for a building license when the applicant had similar licenses in other jurisdictions. The applicant requested approval of a Queensland License based on mutual recognition of his existing licenses. The AAT varied the decision granting the license with conditions. 

Institute of Training Pty Ltd and Australian Skills Quality Authority (General) [2018] AATA 4127

ASQA cancelled the applicant's registration as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) because they were not complying with the required standards. The AAT refused the applicant's application for a stay of the decision. 


Ullah and Secretary, Department of Education and Training (General) [2018] AATA 2159

The applicant requested the refund of two university subjects paid under the FEE-HELP scheme due to circumstances beyond his control. The applicant's university found that the he was not affected by circumstances beyond his control and refused to refund the fees. The AAT affirmed the decision.