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This fact sheet answers questions about applying to the AAT to review a decision by the Department of Home Affairs to refuse to grant you a visitor visa.

PDF versions of this fact sheet are available in the following languages:

Arabic, English and Simplified Chinese.

What does the AAT need to decide?

The AAT will need to decide whether the person who applied for the visitor visa genuinely intends to stay temporarily in Australia for the purpose for which the visa is granted.

What information can I give the AAT to support my review?

You can give us any information that supports the case.

You are not limited to the information listed below. However, the most helpful information to give us will show that the visa applicant genuinely intends to stay temporarily in Australia.

Examples of helpful information to give us include:

  • Proof of funds available to support the visa applicant’s visit, such as bank statements, pay slips, letter of employment, statements showing a credit card limit, evidence of other income
  • Details of the purpose and duration of the visit, such as letter of invitation from a relative or friend in Australia, travel itinerary, details of accommodation
  • Information about activities, ties, commitments or relationships in the home country of the visa applicant that would encourage a return at the end of a visit, for example:
    • Confirmation of current enrolment in an educational institution
    • Evidence of properties or assets held in home country
    • Evidence of immediate family members and any dependants in home country
    • Evidence of current employment in home country and intention to return to that employment, for example a letter from your employer
    • Return ticket to home country
  • Information from other people who can confirm or support the intention of the visa applicant to stay temporarily in Australia
  • Evidence that explains why specific information in the Department decision is incorrect
  • Any other information or documents that support your review.

When should I give my information to the AAT?

You should give us the information as soon as possible. 

If the AAT is satisfied with the information you give us, a favourable decision might be possible without the need for a hearing. This means you might be able to get an outcome to your application sooner.

Evidence at the hearing

If you are required to attend a hearing, an AAT Member will ask you about your application and consider all of the information that you present. Generally, this will include the documents you have given us about your case. You should give us any information no later than 7 days before the hearing, or if we ask you to give us any information earlier, by the date we tell you.

Any information you present to the AAT Member is important evidence. Preparing this evidence well in advance of the hearing can assist you to present your case and help the AAT Member to make a decision.


When this Fact Sheet refers to “You” it means the review applicant, and includes his or her nominee, representative or support person. When it refers to “We” or “Us” it means the AAT.

This fact sheet provides general information only. It is not legal advice about your case. If you have a question about the law or how it applies to your case, you should seek legal advice.

If you have any feedback about this new factsheet, please contact the AAT’s Legal and Policy Section at [email protected].