Apply for review online

Apply for MRD review online

Application forms

Important: Applications to the AAT’s Migration and Refugee Division must be made by our online application form or using an approved form (below).

The M1, M2 and R1 application forms can be printed and completed by hand. To submit an application online use our online lodgement system.

Name Download
M1 -  Application form for persons not in immigration detention - Migration PDF
M2 -  Application form for persons in immigration detention - Migration PDF
R1 -  Application form - Refugee PDF

Other forms

Appointment of representative and/or authorised recipient (Form MR5) PDF
Change of contact details (Form MR6) PDF
Consent to release personal information under s.362A of the Migration Act (Form MR14) PDF
Registered migration agent notice under section 312B (Form MR1) PDF
Request for access to documents under the FOI Act PDF
Request for access to written material under s362A of the Migration Act (Form M16) PDF
Request for Fee Reduction (Form M11) PDF
Withdrawal of application for review (Form MR10) PDF