This page has information about representation in any of the following AAT divisions:

  • General Division
  • Freedom of Information Division
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme Division
  • Security Division
  • Taxation & Commercial Division
  • Veterans’ Appeals Division.

Can I represent myself at the AAT or ask someone else to help me?

You can deal directly with the AAT or you can ask someone to help you.

If you want to, you can make your own arrangements for a lawyer or other person to represent you. For example, this could be a disability advocate, migration agent, tax agent or veterans’ advocate depending on the type of case. It could also be a family member or friend.

If you tell us you have a representative, we will usually send all documents relating to your case to that person.

For some types of cases, you might be able to get help from a community legal centre, disability advocacy organisation or from Legal Aid. We can give you their contact details.

If you want legal advice or representation, it is best to do this before your first conference with the AAT.

You can also ask a family member or a friend to help you with your case or support you when you come to the AAT. If you tell us that you have someone helping you, we can send all documents relating to your case to that person as well as to you.

 What happens if I represent myself?

If you are representing yourself, we will contact you to explain the review process and give you an opportunity to ask questions about it. This is called Outreach. We will also:

  • give you information about any organisations that might be able to provide you with advice or assistance in relation to your case
  • ask you whether you need an interpreter or any other assistance during the review process.

Outreach is usually conducted by telephone within six weeks after you send us your application. Where necessary, an AAT officer will arrange for an interpreter to be available to assist before making contact with you.

To find out more about Outreach, call us on 1800 228 333.

Is any other assistance available?

The Attorney-General's Department may be able to help with some of the costs of preparing your case at the AAT. This fact sheet, prepared by the Attorney-General's Department, summarises the financial assistance that can be applied for:

You can also find out more about the range of other financial assistance schemes administered by the Attorney-General's Department by visiting their website.