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Crisp and Secretary, Department of Education and Training (Education and Training) [2019] AATA 5295

The applicant enrolled in an Advanced Diploma of Aviation, receiving a FEE-HELP loan to pay his fees. He claimed he was unable to complete his Diploma due to special circumstances and applied to have his FEE-HELP debt re-credited.

The Department refused to re-credit the applicant’s FEE-HELP debt after internal review. The applicant applied to the AAT for review of this decision citing ‘special circumstances’ which made it impracticable for him to complete the course.


Ullah and Secretary, Department of Education and Training [2018] AATA 2159

The applicant requested the refund of two university subjects paid under the FEE-HELP scheme due to circumstances beyond his control. The applicant's university found that the he was not affected by circumstances beyond his control and refused to refund the fees. The AAT affirmed the decision.