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Freedom of Information Division

Plowman and Australian Securities and Investments Commission FOI [2020] AATA 4729

Was the agency correct to partially withhold documents from this applicant? The documents related to a complaint made by an agency staff member alleging that the applicant was guilty of bullying and harassment?

Migration and Refugee

1700623 (Refugee) [2021] AATA 918

This applicant claims she fears reprisals for falling in love is against their family’s wishes. Will the AAT be satisfied that this applicant is at risk of serious harm if returned to India?

1727969 (Refugee) [2021] AATA 1021

The AAT looks closely into an applicant’s claim that his life is in danger if he is returned back to his home country due to religious persecution.

1935570 (Refugee) [2021] AATA 804

Will the AAT be satisfied the applicant was a genuine refugee and owed protection by Australia or is there a real risk of significant harm if he was returned to China.

Social Services (second review)

Cocks (Social services second review) [2021] AATA 207

The applicant in this case was seeking the Disability Support Pension. The AAT had to establish whether the applicant’s impairments were diagnosed, treated and/or stabilised, and then determine whether they were permanent.

Whitby (Social services second review) [2021] AATA 170

This review was about the applicant’s entitlement to the Disability Support Pension for his spine. The issue in this matter was whether the applicant attracted the required 20 impairment points to qualify for the payment.