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Child Support

Sammons and Sammons (Child support) [2021] AATA 470

In this review, the AAT heard from the applicant about his income changes and the effects this has had on his ability to continue paying child support at the fixed rate. Read on to find out what was decided.

Migration and Refugee

1709834 (Refugee) [2021] AATA 1003

This applicant claimed he feared being killed by the Taliban if returned to Pakistan as he had resisted an attempt to recruit him. Will the AAT be satisfied that his is a genuine refugee and in need of protection?

National Disability Insurance Scheme

McVeigh and National Disability Insurance Agency [2021] AATA 69

This applicant’s sister advised the NDIA that the applicant was now residing in a residential aged care facility. Read on to find out if the AAT was satisfied that she still met the criteria to be an NDIS participant.

Veterans' Entitlements

Delahunty and Repatriation Commission (Veterans' entitlements) [2020] AATA 4857

Was this veteran’s death related to his service? Will his war widow’s request for pension be granted?

Pesch and Repatriation Commission (Veterans' entitlements) [2020] AATA 4907

This applicant claimed he was greatly affected by his friend’s tragic death and claimed he later developed anxiety and alcohol use disorder. Read on to find out what happened when the AAT reviewed this matter.