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Migration and Refugee Division

1905524 (Migration) [2020] AATA 3908

In this case, the AAT had to decide whether a Romanian man applying onshore for a partner visa had good reasons for doing so.

2010168 (Refugee) [2020] AATA 4634

A former child solider argued he needed protection from malevolent forces still operating in his home country of Liberia.

Singh (Migration) [2020] AATA 2078

The AAT needed to decide whether an applicant was a genuine temporary entrant for the purposes of a student visa, or whether he was attempting to use the visa program to live here indefinitely.

Song (Migration) [2020] AATA 4014

A family, trying to migrate to Australia, claimed they were victims of an organised migration scam with no knowledge their agent applied for an employer nominated visa, or that it had been rejected.

Small Business Taxation

MWWD and Commissioner of Taxation (Taxation) [2020] AATA 4169

The AAT had to decide if an applicant was required to pay superannuation to a party that they considered an independent contractor rather than an employee.

Social Services (second review)

Storen and Secretary, Department of Social Services (Social services second review) [2020] AATA 4664

In this second review, the AAT had to decide whether an applicant was eligible for a disability support pension.