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Child Support

Heinrich and Bannerman (Child support) [2020] AATA 2670

When a child started living away from home for work, the AAT had to decide whether this changed the amount of time his mother cared for him.

Hyde and Hyde (Child support) [2020] AATA 2169

The AAT had to decide whether a father had a child support debt after he stopped paying child support.

Migration and Refugee

1731457 (Refugee) [2020] AATA 2361

A single Iraqi man living in Australia for ten years claimed to be in an exceptionally vulnerable position if he were to return to Iraq.

1801345 (Refugee) [2020] AATA 1739

In this case, the AAT had to decide whether high-profile Brazilian activists could live elsewhere or whether Australia owed them protection.

Taxation and Commercial

McAteer and Commissioner of Taxation (Taxation) [2020] AATA 1795

A taxpayer required to work from home on-call could claim some expenses associated with occupying his home for work.

Veterans' Entitlements

Forrest and Repatriation Commission (Veterans' entitlements) [2020] AATA 1308

The AAT had to decide whether a depressed and housebound veteran was entitled to a higher rate of pension.