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Child Support

Ashurst and Robertson (Child support) [2019] AATA 377

This review concerned the collection of unpaid child support payments from the respondent for a three month period. The respondent claimed the payments he made during the period were in advance, while the applicant claimed they were made in arrears.  


Barthel and Australian National University (Compensation) [2019] AATA 548

This review was about a Comcare decision finding the applicant was no longer entitled to compensation. The applicant applied to the AAT for a review of the decision and the respondent requested dismissal of the application. The main issue before the AAT was whether there was no reasonable prospect that the application would be successful. 


McLeod and Queensland Building and Construction Commission [2019] AATA 143

This review was about an application for a building license when the applicant had similar licenses in other jurisdictions. The applicant requested approval of a Queensland License based on mutual recognition of his existing licenses. The AAT varied the decision granting the license with conditions. 

Migration and Refugee

1730528 (Refugee) [2019] AATA 157

The AAT affirmed the Department of Home Affairs' decision to cancel the applicant’s Protection visa finding the applicant provided incorrect information in her application for the visa. The AAT held serious concerns about the credibility of the applicant's claims. 

CHOI (Migration) [2019] AATA 275

The AAT affirmed the Department of Home Affairs’ decision to refuse to grant the applicant an Employer Nomination (Permanent) Subclass 186 visa. The primary issue was whether the applicant satisfied the requirement to have vocational English. 


The AAT set aside the Department of Immigration and Border Protection's decision to refuse approval of the applicant's nomination of a CafĂ© or Restaurant Manager position for one of their restaurants. The AAT found the applicant satisfied all the requirements for approval of the nomination. 

V D NGUYEN & T T HOANG (Migration) [2019] AATA 293

The AAT affirmed the Department of Immigration and Border Protection's decision to refuse approval of the applicant’s nomination of a baker for a subclass 457 visa. The primary issue was about the requirement that the terms and conditions of employment of a nominee are no less favourable than those that are, or would be, provided to an equivalent Australian citizen worker. 

Taxation and Commercial

McKenzie and Commissioner of Taxation (Taxation) [2019] AATA 77

The applicant in this matter claimed certain relocation expenses were tax deductible because they were work related. The AAT affirmed the Commissioner of Taxation's decision disallowing the tax deduction. The AAT discussed the relationship required between the expenses and employment to result in tax deductibility.