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Child Support

Askey and Askey (Child Support) [2018] AATA 1232

The Tribunal heard a matter about the date that a child support application is considered to have been submitted when a technical error occurred during the application process.

Migration and Refugee

1516895 (Refugee) [2018] AATA 1323

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection refused the applicant's Protection visa. The applicant claimed she fled Lebanon after suffering harassment, discrimination and threats, primarily at the hands of her fiancĂ©. The Tribunal affirmed the decision. 

1601597 (Refugee) [2018] AATA 1420

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection refused the applicants' Protection visas. The applicants were a couple from Fiji who claimed to fear persecution if they returned because they were staunch Methodists, and expressed their opposition to the 2006 Coup and the present government.  The Tribunal affirmed the decision.

Luong (Migration) [2018] AATA 1491

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection refused the applicant's Other Family visa. The applicant was from Vietnam and claimed her only remaining relatives were in Australia, except for her father whose whereabouts was unknown. The Tribunal had to consider whether the father was a 'remaining relative'. The Tribunal affirmed the decision. 

National Disability Insurance Scheme

DGJJ and National Disability Insurance Agency [2018] AATA 1263

The applicant sought additional funding under the National Disability Insurance Scheme for personal care support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Tribunal considered the amount of support that was reasonable to be provided by the family and varied the decision. 

Section 501 - The character test

Hawkins and Minister for Home Affairs (Migration) [2018] AATA 1462

The Department of Home Affairs decided not to revoke the cancellation of the applicant's permanent visa. The applicant arrived in Australia at the age of two and his visa was cancelled after the Department decided he did not pass the character test due to his substantial criminal record of approximately 180 convictions. The Tribunal affirmed the decision. 

Veterans' Entitlements

MacKenzie and Repatriation Commission (Veterans' entitlements) [2018] AATA 1374

The applicant was the widow of a Second World War veteran who died from prostate cancer at 95 years old. The applicant wanted compensation because she claimed her late husband had consumed alcohol heavily due to his military service and this consumption resulted in his death. The Tribunal decided the applicant was entitled to benefits.