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Child Support

Wolford and Fendi (Child support) [2018] AATA 2406

The applicant claimed the amount of child support she was paying was unjust and inequitable because of the income, property and financial resources and earning capacity of her former partner. The AAT affirmed the decision not to change the child support payable.

Migration and Refugee

1509054 (Refugee) [2018] AATA 2239

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection refused the applicant's Protection visa. The applicant claimed to fear returning to Algeria because he no longer believed in Islam and extremists in his local area would target him.  The AAT affirmed the decision. 

1702934 (Refugee) [2018] AATA 2085

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection cancelled the applicant’s Protection visa because they believed he had given incorrect answers on his visa application. The applicant listed his citizenship as Afghani but the delegate found that the applicant was a Pakistani citizen. After reviewing the applicant’s evidence and country information reports, the AAT set aside the original decision to cancel the visa. 

L E Dias Electrical Contracting Pty Ltd (Migration) [2018] AATA 1778

A delegate of the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection refused the business' nomination of an accountant for a Subclass 457 visa because they were not satisfied the position was genuine. The AAT affirmed the decision.

National Disability Insurance Scheme

Furminger and National Disability Insurance Agency [2018] AATA 1872

The applicant requested access to the NDIS for a number of conditions. The NDIA found that the applicant did not meet all of the relevant criteria for access to the NDIS, and decided not to grant access to the scheme. The AAT affirmed the NDIA’s decision.

Section 501 - The character test

NDRW and Minister for Home Affairs (Migration) [2018] AATA 2144

The Department of Home Affairs cancelled the applicant's Refugee visa because he did not pass the character test due to his substantial criminal record.  The applicant was sentenced to more than three years in prison in total. The AAT affirmed the decision.

Veterans' Entitlements

Long and Repatriation Commission (Veteran’s entitlements) [2018] AATA 1841

The applicant claimed a pension for Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, alcohol use disorder and depressive disorder as he believed they were connected to his military service. The AAT concluded the applicant suffered from different conditions to those he claimed, and that they were not connected to his military service. The AAT varied the original decision.