Digital technologies are changing how people interact with government and the pace of change is accelerating.

The AAT is committed to getting on board with the transformation agenda by working towards vision of the Digital Transformation Strategy, which is to deliver world-leading digital services by 2025. One of the ways we are doing this is by reviewing our processes to identify where we can make improvements through digital initiatives. We are currently working on a range of projects that will help us overhaul and digitise some of our key services. Our focus is on delivering an easier, more convenient experience for people that interact with the AAT, particularly those applying for a review.

We are, for example, piloting a smart form to trial with people applying for reviews of decisions about student visas. These types of reviews are often complex and require the applicant to provide a range of information. People report that they find the current process confusing and this can lead to a need to go back to applicants for more information after they submit their applications. Our new smart form will guide the applicant to make sure they submit everything necessary, ensuring the AAT has all the relevant information. Ultimately, the introduction of this form will mean the AAT can deliver an informed, quick and efficient review of the case, in an easy and accessible manner for the applicant.

Further trials are planned in the near future to help us on the digital transformation journey. Stay tuned for updates in future issues of The Review.