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Below is an extract of a message sent recently by the Hon Justice David Thomas, President of the AAT, to people who subscribe to our newsletters.

‘…The AAT will temporarily cease ‘in person’ hearings, conferences and other events at our registries and instead aim, where possible, to deal with the cases by telephone or video link. We will contact impacted parties to discuss alternative arrangements.

…Like all courts and tribunals, indeed all of Australia, our response to the unprecedented challenge of the pandemic is designed to manage health risks and to slow the spread of disease, while continuing to operate as effectively as possible. We are guided by Australian and State/Territory Government protocols, and the advice of health experts.

I am conscious of the number of messages about COVID-19 you are all receiving from numerous sources and do not want to add to that burden with broad information. Please monitor our website for further updates on the inevitable changes we will need to make to our operations as the situation evolves...’

General information about COVID-19 and the Australian Government’s response to this global challenge is available on the Department of Health website.