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When to use this form

This form is used in migration reviews in the Migration & Refugee Division. Use this form to request an expedited decision if you consider that a decision can be made in the review applicant’s favour, without conducting a hearing, because new evidence being given to us objectively satisfies the issues in dispute.

A request for an expedited decision should only be made if all the following requirements are met:

  • You have applied for review of a decision to refuse to grant a visa; and
  • That visa was refused on the basis of one or more criteria not being met; and
  • Documentary evidence can now be given to us that demonstrates the criterion or criteria are now met.

This form should not be used if you have applied for review of a decision about nomination or sponsorship of an activity, occupation, position or person; or if the criterion requires a subjective assessment such as whether you are in a genuine relationship for a partner visa or you are a genuine temporary entrant for a student visa.