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17th Annual Administrative Appeals Tribunal National Mooting Competition

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal National Mooting Competition is taking place again in 2021. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is being run as an online competition this year.

All law students enrolled in Australian universities are invited to compete in the competition. Students form teams comprising two advocates who act as senior counsel and junior counsel. A third team member may assist counsel by acting as an instructing solicitor but will not be permitted to speak during the moot. The team may rotate the roles as it progresses through the competition.

The moots, conducted over five rounds, involve fact scenarios drawn from a variety of administrative law areas - a sample problem scenario has been provided below.

Each round of the competition concerns a different practice area of the AAT’s jurisdiction and is adjudicated by Members of the AAT.

The competition has two objectives:

  1. To expose law students to the AAT’s merits review jurisdiction, highlighting the differences between Tribunal practice and procedure and that of the courts.

  2. To encourage law students to pursue administrative law practice upon completion of their legal studies.

In addition this year, as tribunals and courts across Australia embrace new technologies for the conduct of hearings, the competition will provide students with the opportunity to experience advocacy online.

The Grand Final of the competition will be held in October and will be adjudicated by a panel of three adjudicators, including the President of the Tribunal.

The Tribunal provides a travel and accommodation allowance where necessary to enable teams to participate in the grand final.

The winning team and runner up team are awarded prizes and the winners are inscribed on the Administrative Appeals Tribunal National Mooting Competition Shield.


Registration for the 2021 Administrative Appeals Tribunal National Mooting Competition is now open. Please note that registration will close on 25 June 2021.

Please consult the information package and competition rules below for further information.

Information Package (PDF) (RTF)
Registration Form (PDF) (RTF)
Competition Rules (PDF) (RTF)
Adjudication Guide (PDF) (RTF)
Sample Scenario for Applicant (PDF) (RTF)
Sample Scenario for Respondent  (PDF) (RTF)

Grand Final: 27 October 2021

Document release date: 8 October 2021,  Submission due date: 22 October 2021

Important information and Competition Draw (PDF) (RTF)
Fact Scenario (PDF) (RTF)
Brief for the Applicant (PDF) (RTF)
Brief for the Respondent (PDF) (RTF)
T Documents (PDF)  


Contact Deborah Tate National Coordinator – 2021 AAT Mooting Competition

Tel 07 3052 3003