Preliminary information

Publication information, Letter of Transmittal, Contents

Chapter 01 - The year in review

President's overview, Registrar's overview

Chapter 02 - Overview of the AAT

Functions and powers, Organisation

Chapter 03 - Our performance

Workload overview, Performance, External scrutiny, Service Charter, Additional functions conferred on tribunal members

Chapter 04 - Our users and our relationships

Our users, Our relationships

Chapter 05 - Our organisation and our people

Organisational management, Management of human resources, Information and development

Financial statements


Appendix 1: Members of the AAT, Appendix 2: Staff of the AAT, Appendix 3: AAT jurisdiction, Appendix 4: Applications, outcomes, listings and appeal statistics, Appendix 5: Resourcing tables, Appendix 6: Application fees, Appendix 7: Decisions of interest, Appendix 8: Speeches, publications and other activities, Appendix 9: Other reporting requirements

End matter

Glossary, List of requirements