This page has information about transcripts for hearings held in any of the following AAT divisions:

  • General Division
  • Freedom of Information Division
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme Division
  • Security Division
  • Taxation & Commercial Division
  • Veterans’ Appeals Division.

A party to an application (or person representing a party) may purchase a transcript for the whole or part of a hearing from the AAT's transcript service provider. Epiq is the provider in all registries other than the Hobart Registry. Auscript is the provider in the Hobart Registry.

Recording of hearings

All hearings at the AAT are audio recorded so that transcripts may be produced in the event that they are required by the AAT or a party. To ensure the quality of recordings and transcripts, proceedings are also videorecorded. These recordings are maintained and viewed only for quality control purposes by Epiq and are not used for any other purpose. Neither the audio nor video recording serve as an official record of the proceedings and are not provided to the parties or to any third party.

How to order

Orders for hearings held in all registries, except for Hobart Registry, can be placed by lodging a request form directly with Epiq.

Orders for hearings held in the Hobart Registry can be placed by lodging a request form directly with Auscript.

Charges for transcripts are set by Epiq and Auscript and are detailed on the forms.

Note: A transcript of the AAT's draft decision or orders in a proceeding cannot be supplied by either Epiq or Auscript.

Order forms

Terms and Conditions

All transcripts are the property of the Commonwealth of Australia.