Has your decision been reviewed by a:

  • Centrelink Authorised Review Officer (ARO) or Centrelink Subject Matter Expert (SME)?; or

  • Child Support Objections Officer?

Your decision must first be reviewed by an Authorised Review Officer or a Child Support Objections Officer at Centrelink. Please contact Centrelink to request this review. More information about how to do this can be found on Centrelink's website.

The AAT can review in the Social Services & Child Support (SSCS) Division most Centrelink and child support decisions made by an officer of the Department of Human Services. The decision must have first been reviewed internally. This usually means that the decision has been reviewed by a Centrelink Authorised Review Officer (or in most cases a Centrelink Subject Matter Expert) or a Child Support Objections Officer. A review undertaken in the SSCS Division is called a first review of a Centrelink or child support decision.

We can only review a decision if the law states that an application can be made to us. The decision should state whether it is reviewable by us.

We do not have power to:

  • review child support decisions made before 1 January 2007,
  • investigate a complaint about service delivery relating to the Centrelink or child support decision,
  • investigate a claim for compensation or make compensation payments,
  • change the law, or
  • review decisions made under State or Territory laws, or decisions made by local governments.

If we receive an application for review and we do not have the power to review the decision, we will advise the person who applied that the application cannot be accepted, and will explain why.