After receiving an application for review, we will send you an acknowledgement letter and request files and documents relating to the decision under review from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection or the Department of Home Affairs.

We will assess the validity of the application. We can only review a decision if a valid application for review has been made. We will advise you if it appears that the application is not valid.

Once your case has been allocated to a Member

The review process varies according to the circumstances of each case. However, we will generally:
  • seek further information from you
  • invite you to comment on any information that we consider would be the reason, or a part of the reason, for affirming (not changing) the decision under review
  • invite you to:
    • appear in person, or by telephone or by video, to give oral evidence and present arguments
    • nominate other persons who could give evidence
    • suggest other evidence or materials we might obtain.
  • provide the applicant with a statement of our decision and reasons.