If you have not already provided a copy of your decision from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection or Department of Home Affairs, please do so as soon as possible.
If you have any material not yet provided, which you believe supports your application, including a statement explaining why you disagree with the department’s decision, you should send this as soon as you can. We would prefer if this material is sent electronically.
If you lodged your review using the online lodgement system and you are a registered user, you have the convenience of lodging documents or images in relation to your case through the system at any time.
As a registered user, you can securely attach documents or images at any time throughout the review, including Microsoft Word documents (.doc and .docx), images (gif and jpeg) and PDFs. You will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt for all documents lodged, and you will be able to view and copy documents in relation to your case, that were previously submitted to us using the online lodgement facility.
For further information refer to the user guide on how to make submissions after lodging an application.

There is no requirement for a copy of documents that have been sent electronically to also be sent by post, unless you are submitting original documents or certified copies of documents (such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, qualifications). If you do submit documents in person to us please also provide a copy for us to keep.

You should provide an English translation by an accredited translator of any documents written in other languages. Please send both the documents and the translations to us.

Written submissions can be provided at any time prior to our decision and they will be considered by the Member.  Wherever possible, the submissions should be provided well in advance of any hearing to enable the Member to consider the material.