This page sets out information about how to make an FOI request for access to documents in relation to a case in the AAT’s Migration and Refugee Division (formerly the Migration Review Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal). If you want to make an FOI request for access to other kinds of documents held by the AAT, please click here.

How to make an FOI request
Fees and charges
Processing FOI requests
Review rights and complaints
Further information

The Freedom of Information Act 1982 (the FOI Act) gives every person the right of access to documents held by Australian Government agencies. Documents include files, reports, computer printouts, tapes or photographs, microfiche, tape recordings, films or videotapes. Certain types of documents may be exempt from disclosure.

Prior to making an FOI request, you should check the information we have published under the Information Publication Scheme and FOI Disclosure Log to see if what you are seeking is already available.

How to make a FOI request

You must:

  • make the request in writing, either on form  Request for access to documents under the FOI Act or in a letter stating that the request is an application for the purpose of the FOI Act
  • provide contact details for the tribunal to send correspondence under the FOI Act
  • accurately identify documents sought
  • email, post, fax or deliver your request to us at one of the following locations or by one of the following methods:

By email

By post or fax see contacts

Fees and charges

There is no application fee for an FOI request.

Charges may apply if a request is made for information other than your own personal information. If charges are going to be imposed on your FOI request, you will be given written notice about this.

Processing of FOI requests

We will acknowledge receipt of your FOI request within 14 days. We will give you our decision within 30 days unless that time has been extended. If a document contains information about a third party, we will need to consult them and may need to extend the time to give you our decision by another 30 days. We may also, where necessary, seek your agreement to extend the time by up to 30 days or where the FOI request is complex or voluminous, apply to the Australian Information Commissioner for an extension of time.

Review rights and complaints

Information about how you can apply for review or complain about the way in which the tribunal has processed your FOI request is set out on the tribunal’s main FOI page.

Further information

If you have any questions in relation to FOI please contact the Migration and Refugee division.