This page has information about decisions that are reviewed in any of the following AAT divisions:

  • General Division
  • Freedom of Information Division
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme Division
  • Security Division
  • Taxation & Commercial Division
  • Veterans’ Appeals Division.

What the AAT can do

The AAT can review many decisions made under Commonwealth laws by Australian Government ministers, departments, agencies and some other tribunals such as the Veterans’ Review Board. In limited circumstances, we can review decisions made by state government and non-government bodies. We also review decisions made under Norfolk Island laws.

For example, the AAT can review decisions about:

  • Australian citizenship
  • bankruptcy
  • child support
  • civil aviation
  • Commonwealth workers’ compensation
  • corporations and financial services regulation
  • customs
  • freedom of information
  • the National Disability Insurance Scheme
  • passports
  • security assessments by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation
  • taxation, and
  • veterans’ pensions.

The AAT’s General Division can also conduct a second review of decisions made by our Social Services & Child Support Division about:

  •  a Centrelink decision, including decisions relating to family assistance, social security, student assistance and paid parental leave (except an employer-related paid parental leave decision)
  • a decision to refuse an extension of time to apply for a review of a child support decisions
  • a child support decision relating to a party's percentage of care for a child.

There are many other kinds of decisions the AAT can review. We have a list of these decisions called the Reviewable Decisions List. There is also a list of reviewable decisions made under Norfolk Island laws that we can review.

What the AAT can’t do

The AAT can’t review:

  • every decision made by the Australian Government or under a Norfolk Island law
  • decisions made under state or territory laws, or
  • decisions made by local governments.

The AAT can only review a decision if the law states that an application can be made to the AAT.

The AAT is also not always the first step in having a decision reviewed. In some cases, we cannot review a decision until there has been an internal review of the primary decision or review by a specialist review body like the Veterans’ Review Board.

How will I know if the AAT can review my decision?

Your decision should state if the AAT can review it. We can also give you information about the kinds of decisions the AAT can review.

If you want more information or assistance, call us on 1800 228 333.