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This is a video message from Justice Duncan Kerr, President of the AAT, about the review process at the AAT.

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Information for National Disability Insurance Scheme applicants - A message from Justice Duncan Kerr, President of the AAT

Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme, you have a right to an independent review of a range of decisions made by the National Disability Insurance Agency.

If you are dissatisfied with a decision, you can apply to the AAT. You can do this by sending us a letter or an application form by email, by fax or by post.

If you come to the AAT, we will try to give you the maximum amount of choice to permit your review to proceed as quickly and simply as possible.

We will make sure you have a single point of contact in the AAT. An AAT Contact Officer will contact you after you have made your application to tell you about the review process and talk about any assistance you might need to make the process go smoothly.

The AAT will tell the Agency that you have made an application. The AAT will be given all the relevant documents from the Agency and you will get copies of those as well.

The first step in the review is usually a case conference. This is an informal meeting run by the AAT to talk about the case. You will have a chance to speak and to explain how you wish the matter to proceed. We will work with you to prepare a written case plan about how your application will proceed.

After the case conference, you will be able to go forward either to conciliation or straight to a hearing.

Conciliation is another type of informal meeting run by the AAT. You will sit down with the Agency and try to find a solution that suits you.

A hearing involves a member of the AAT listening to you and the Agency and receiving any written documents or submissions you and the Agency want to put before making a decision on your case. We hope it will be a very non-adversarial proceeding.

At the end of a hearing, we hope to be able to give you a decision on the spot. Our members will give their decisions orally where possible. However, if it is a complicated matter, the member may need some time to consider the areas of dispute and provide a reasoned decision in writing to enable you to understand why you have succeeded or why you have not. We will send you the written decision as soon as possible after the hearing.

I know these will be tense processes for you because it is an important decision. However, we will do our best to make the process as accessible, open and understandable as possible.

You can be sure that the people at the AAT undertaking the review are fully independent from the National Disability Insurance Agency. We will give you a chance to have a fresh decision made which is the correct and best decision that is possible in the circumstances.

Welcome to the AAT.


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